Amendments to Offroad Tasmania Guidebook

(Source/Status: -   U - User     G - Government Agency      A – Author     UC – Unconfirmed      C – Confirmed)

Serial Page Reference Amendment/Comment Source/Status
1 62 1.2 Change 41° 51’ 19”S 145° 24’ 39”E to  41° 51’ 13”S 145° 24’ 44”E A/C
2 65 map change 42° 03’ 59”S 145° 16’ 36”E to  42° 03’ 54”S 145° 16’ 41”E A/C
3 100 25.1 Change 43° 17’ 54”S 146° 54’ 45”E to  43° 17’ 57”S 146° 54’ 42”E A/C
4 113 0.4 Change 43° 0614”S 147° 52’ 45”E to  43° 0532”S 147° 52’ 34”E A/C
5 145 9.3 Move coordinates next to words ‘Powers Road”. A/C
6 164 Warnings The lower end of the tunnel has been opened and lights have been installed. Vehicles can now be left near the bridge as the pathway returns to the Derby town area.  
7 80 17.1 The bridge over the Derwent River (Repulse Dam) has been declared “Past its Use by date” It is closed to vehicular traffic. G/C
8 154 0.1

In the blue box replace ‘just’ (second last line) with ‘150m’.  Before ‘Return’ (last line) add ‘A further 1.2km along the road from the new bridge the Duco adit will be found just off the northern side of the road. Look out for a marker and sign. A torch will be needed.’ 

9 154 2.4 In the blue box below change 41° 13’ 15”S 148° 0119”E to  41° 13’ 48”S 148° 0045”E A/C
10 96 9.1

Alternative route to Airwalk due to access being restricted by boom gate.
11.4 T junction. Turn left.0.1 KSA. 5.6 T junction with the sealed Arve Road. Turn right to the Airwalk 15.1km. (or left to Geeveston).

11 111 Access A ‘No through Rd’ sign has been erected on Pirates Road where it joins the Arthur Highway. This appears to be due to the failure of a bridge a few kilometres in on the Coronation/Pirates road (see the second 0.0 point . However there appears to be no road authority restriction to proceeding to the lookout. But the road 200m before the lookout (and end of the road) has deteriorated to the extent that two-wheel drive vehicles are be likely to come to grief. U/C
12 114 0.0 The wooden bridge has been washed away in a flood. Access is not possible. U/C
13 118 Difficulty The Swanston Track is now rated 'Hard', particularly after rain, due to numerous deep ruts. U/C
14 109 small map Change Tasmap Q 19 to Tasmap M 19. U/C
15 34 Track Following a recommendation by the Coroner, Parks & Wildlife have recommended that vehicles using the Arthur Pieman area, particularly the Sandy Cape Track, have sand flags attached. A
16 79 3.0

Report received that the bridge over the Florentine River has been replaced and access through to Wayatinah is now possible.

Update:  Signs have been placed on this through road advising that access in not permitted week days.

17 76 16.0 Parks have advised that due to security concerns of assets located on Tim Shea access by the public will now not be permitted. U/UC
18 107 See map

Report received that Lockleys and Staffords Roads have been closed. Access to Cloudy Bay is still available via Cloudy Bay Road.

19 156  

The difficulty of the Pyengana Jeep Track (south of the forestry road) is now considered extreme. Winch and recovery gear is essential.

20 71 Permits

Change 03 6472 6020  to  03 6409 1020

21 81  

The Sawback Range Track has been upgraded and the difficulty is now regarded as Medium.

22 83 Permits

Permits to access Adamsfield and the Sawback Range Track can now be obtained online here.

23 103 Difficulty

Information received indicates that Boney Road is Easy. Bypasses have been created around wet areas.

24 177 Difficulty

Report received that some bridges have collapsed and bypasses are very hard to negotiate, one requiring the use of a Maxtrax. Now rated Hard.

25 154 Top of page

Report received  Sun Flats Road has been closed to vehicles in favour of bikes and walkers.




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